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Couples Counseling

Disconnected? Unhappy? Fighting or withdrawing?

Relationships are hard work. You can learn the skills and tools needed to have an improved relationship. Many times our efforts to resolve our problems end up only making things worse. If you feel stuck and what you have tried on your own has not worked, couples counseling is a great option. Research repeatedly demonstrates that most people wait far too long to go to counseling. Early intervention leads to the best outcomes. Even so, it is never too late for healing. 


Vitality can help you and your partner

  • Understand one another

  • Improve communication

  • Manage anger

  • Rebuild trust

  • Resolve conflict

  • Parent collaboratively

  • Enhance intimacy

  • Address financial strain

  • Overcome substance abuse

"Communication is to a relationship what breathing is to maintaining life."

Virginia Satir

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