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Signs You May Need Counseling

Recovery Just Ahead

Are you struggling because of overwhelming emotions, destructive habits or relationship conflicts? Perhaps your life has taken some unexpected turns, leaving you overwhelmed. Counseling can help you overcome all sorts of personal problems.

Here is a list of things people needing counseling might say. Read through them and ask yourself if any statements apply to you. Remember, we are here to help.


__ I don't feel like myself anymore.

__ My emotions are intense or overwhelming.

__ I often feel down, irritable or anxious.

__ It's hard for me to feel happy.

__ I have dramatic mood swings.

__ I get so angry that I lose control. __ I feel really guilty about things I've done. __ I worry a lot. __ I have panic attacks.

__ It's hard for me to concentrate.

__ My feelings really bother me or cause me problems.

__ I can't control how I feel.

__ I feel hopeless, like nothing will ever get better.


__ I have unhealthy behaviors. __ I eat, drink, use drugs to escape how I am feeling.

__ I procrastinate getting things done.

__ I don't have the energy to keep my house clean or pay the bills.

__ Something I do really bothers me or causes me problems at home, work, or school.

__ I can't stop doing something that I want to stop.

__ I sometimes take big risks without thinking about what could go wrong.

__ My impulsivity gets me into trouble.

__ I sometimes lose control of what I'm eating.

__ I starve myself or make myself throw up because I'm afraid of gaining weight.

__ I've lost motivation to do things I used to enjoy.


__ I have upsetting flashbacks of things that happened in the past.

__ I don't care about anything anymore.

__ I hate my appearance or personality. __ I don't like who I've become. __ I'm considering ending my life.

__ I sometimes think life isn't worth living.


__ I lost someone or something important to me.

__ I experienced a traumatic event.

__ There are a lot of stressful things going on in my life right now.

__ It's been hard for me to adapt to changes in my life.

__ Things that happened in my past are making it hard for me to live well today.


__ I'm not sleeping or eating normally.

__ I have unexplainable headaches or body aches.

__ I have health problems, but doctors can't seem to tell me why.


__ Some people in my life won't stop fighting.

__ I can't seem to get along with some people in my life.

__ A loved one is concerned about me.

__ My relationships are strained.

__ I find myself avoiding social situations.

__ I want to learn how to deal with someone in my life who has problems.

__ It's hard for me to trust or get close to people.

__ I feel like nobody really likes me.

__ I feel nervous around other people.

__ I worry a lot that people are judging me or won't like me.

__ I can't forgive someone who has really hurt me.


__ I want support.

__ I want to understand myself better.

__ I want to grow as a person.

__ I want to have someone to talk to about the things that are going on in my life.

If any of these statements sound like you, counseling is a good idea. We are here to help. Give us a call/text or shoot us an email.

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive. We recommend getting an assessment by a mental health professional for any issue that may be concerning you.

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